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t-top weather stripping


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im going to paint my 83 zx with t-tops. the last time i did it 10yrs ago i knew that when i took the weather stripping off a second time that i may have no choice but to replace them. the weather stripping that attaches to the body and runs from the doors all around the t-tops is not available, new or used (that i have found). was wondering if anyone has came up with a solution for this? maybe universal something? its a pretty unique piece. i hope there is someone that has figured this out, i obviously cant just throw the car away cause i cant find weather stripping. thanks for any help.

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no a great solution, but if they seal and if the paint and the body is fine under the seals, i'd just leave them there, tape 'em and paint over them.  

like I said, not an awesome solution, but it should work for everything but a close inspection, or a full stock restoration.


ps: you could try to separate the very top of the seal from the body to let some paint go under that first 1/16th of an inch, and then glue the strip back with weatherstripping glue.  if you do, make sure to use it properly (I didn't): you need to spread the minimal amount on each side, super extra thin, let it dry, and then mate them. It's like contact cement...  

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