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P90 Head, Crossflow Radiator and other Z stuff

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Started a new thread here to clean up and include some new stuff.  


All prices include Paypal fees.


Weights are estimates.  Final shipping cost will be determined once I pack it up and can weigh it accurately and know your address.  I will ship from Colorado zip code 80108 using UPS or USPS whichever is cheaper.



SOLD P90 Turbo head $525 est shipping weight 42 lbs

Shaved 0.080" and includes spacers for towers as well as longer valves.  Valves unshrouded and chambers cc'd to 44.5cc.  Port matched for Felpro intake/exhaust gasket.  Nipples added for cylinders 5 and 6 to help with cooling under boost.

post-1744-0-67681300-1500667650_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-11886000-1500667677_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-64050500-1500667702_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-26693700-1500667721_thumb.jpg



SOLD L24 9mm Connecting Rods $135 est shipping weight 19 lbs




SOLD R180 4.11 Differential with Cusco clutch LSD $475

The diff started to make noise the day before I replaced it with an R200 so I did not have time to troubleshoot.  Sounded like a bearing. Price is reduced accordingly. Would prefer to not ship this as it's very heavy.




Magnecor Spark Plug set $45 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Will not include the Magnecor box in order to reduce shipping cost.




Wastegate Actuator 18 psi $50 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Purchased from ATP Turbo ATP-WGT-022




Wastegate Actuator 7 psi $50 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Purchased from ATP Turbo ATP-WGT-019 




Wastegate Actuator 15 psi $40 INCLUDES SHIPPING




Tokico Lowering Springs $80 est shipping weight 22 lbs




Centerforce Clutch and OEM disc $80 est shipping weight 15 lbs

I ran this with an L28 NA mild build and only replaced when I went turbo and turned the boost up.




Earl's 25 Row Oil Cooler $110 est shipping weight 5 lbs




SOLD Cross Flow Radiator with SPAL Fan and custom shroud $410 est shipping weight 25 lbs


Has some minor fin damage as shown. Custom aluminum shroud with rubber vents. Came out of my '73 - you may need to make adjustments to install in a different year.

post-1744-0-78554300-1500669011_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-84877600-1500669030_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-18999600-1500669042_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-47482700-1500669059_thumb.jpg


SOLD Toyota 4x4 front brake calipers with solid rotors $110 est shipping weight 48 lbs

Rotors have little wear; brake pads still in calipers.

post-1744-0-28616500-1500669138_thumb.jpg post-1744-0-82539100-1500669152_thumb.jpg

2 Sets of SU Carbs $410 est shipping weight 15 lbs

One set has throttle bodies rebuilt by Z Therapy, the other probably need the throttle bodies rebuilt.




Plastic interior panel rear below hatch $30 est shipping weight 4 lbs

Removed when installing speaker box

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Can the interior tail light panel be posted to Australia?

It depends on what's involved in shipping via UPS.  I haven't tried Australia before, but Canada was a PITA so wouldn't want to go through that again.  Probably cost more to ship than the item too.  I'll PM you.

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