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Header from N47 L28 head on my E88 L24 head? What exhaust manifold gasket?

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Howdy guys,


I have a 73 240z with its original L24 in it (107k miles). It has an E88 head. 


I also have a spare complete L28, N42 block with N47 head.


I need an exhaust manifold for my car with the L24. The L28 has a new header on it.


Curious if the header from the L28 will fit on the L24, and if so which exhaust manifold gasket I should buy?


Thanks in advance

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the header will fit, far as I know all the cylinder heads have the same bolt holes. As far as what gasket you'll need that depends on the shape of the exhaust ports. iirc they're round.

infact I have a round port header gasket sittin on a shelf still in the box. If thats indeed the one you need shoot me a msg sometime!

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I know for sure that I've bolted a square port turbo manifold to a round port head with liners many times.


Sadly, the line above has no bearing on this topic.


I run the grey composition gaskets that are thicker than the paper gaskets from fel pro.

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Post a picture of the header ports.


Usually, round port headers or exhaust manifolds will cut the corners off of the square port head exhaust ports.  This can cause a major flow disruption in the gases exiting the head.  That's your concern.  The best way to tell is to stick a gasket on both sides and compare, to make sure the header flange holes don't block the head gases.


People run square port headers on round port heads often.  So you need to know what kind of header you have.

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