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T3 harness bar with Racing harness installed (Pics wanted)

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Just wondering if anyone can share some pics of this particular setup.

Just picked up a couple of harnesses, want to get an Idea of what to do.

T3 has pics but my harness isn't like a wrap with Lv10 brackets, I have the bolt in eye bolts/clips on my harness.

If anyone has pics, or can point me into the right direction of getting more insight. Tried to search but kept getting error issues, think maybe the site still has a few maintenance issues.



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Not sure which harness you have, but you can usually swap out the mounting hardware on many harness setups.  (And you can also swap the rear part of the shoulder harnesses as well, as pointed out by theczechone.)

Also, have you considered a 4-point roll bar as an alternative to the harness bar?  Usually see used bars online for not much more than the new T3 harness bar.  Another option for your consideration...

Good luck with it.  And be sure to post your results once you've decided which route to go.  Thx!

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