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Dual Exhaust CUTTING OUT

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So I'm finally finishing my build and decided to make the exhaust cutout on the passenger side. I took a cereal box piece of cardboard, traced the driver side hole, measured 40 times and started cutting only to realize the PASSENGER SIDE IS COMPLETELY ASYMMETRICAL!!

The cutout is not only lower by almost an inch, but its in to the left too much. I have measured a million times, even drew a line down the center of the car and the measurement is even from the center of the car to each exhaust cutout, but the distances are all wrong!

How has everyone else done this?

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I haven't done it myself or anything, but given that the car was produced in the days of larger margins of error, as well as gone through around 40 years of abuse, I wouldn't have expected it to be exactly "symmetrical". I would suggest just drawing it out on the panel, step back a few feet and see how it looks. Just keep re-drawing til it looks how you want. I feel when it comes to aesthetics, what your eyes see is more important than what the tape measure sees.

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