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Scrufffy's 2JZGTE VVTI Swap Thread


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I've decided it's time to start a build thread. After 5+ years of lurking, 3 flipflops on engine choice, 1 lost project car, and 1 brother-in-law who is trying his best to keep me on track despite life's interruptions, I finally settled on the JDM Aristo 2j. (He's also doing a 2JZ swap, but starting with a bare shell)


  • Very straight but rough, rust-free '71 that currently has the stock motor with the Arizona Z Car 4 barrel carb and manifold (for sale)

Currently have waiting in the hangar:

  • JDM Aristo 2jzgte VVTi
  • cd009 
  • R200

Short Term Plans:

  • Collins or Maverick adapter
  • ECU Master, EMU Black
  • Stock twins (for now to get things rolling)
  • Rework the stock harness myself, with cannon plug to mount ECU inside
  • Stock fuel tank with surge tank (for now to avoid fuel cell until it's time)
  • Plumbing to handle E85 and flex-fuel sensor (for when it's time to upgrade the stock twins)

Longer Term Plans:

  • Suspension
  • Cage
  • Too much to list

I'll add pictures later

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