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How to test fuel pump relay?

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I was wondering if someone could tell me how to test my fuel pump relay with a multimeter? I was driving last night and my car started sputtering and running really lean and eventually just died. It would start and idle choppy until i pressed on the gas killing it. This morning when I went to go call a tow I noticed that it now only starts and immediately dies afterwards even with a jump. 

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Which relay did you use, 77 or 83?  They're different.

The test procedure for the relays is shown, with pictures, in the Engine Fuel chapter, or the EFEC chapter.  Probably easiest to put a meter on the fuel pump leads and see if there's power when the key is turned to Start.  You'll probably see power and can move on to some other possible source.  Listen for pump noise.  Disconnect the starter solenoid so it will be quiet.

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