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L28ET Out / L24 In

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I am swapping out my L28et for a rebuilt L24 w/ triple webers. A head-scratcher for most but, nonetheless, the direction I want to go with the car. 

Looking for any prior experience/guidance on making the swap back to NA. I did some searching but no luck.

The turbo set up is out of an 83 ZXT. Swap was done in the early 2000s by a shop in Illinois. Not particularly comfortable with electrics so, the wiring harness is of particular concern.

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The L28ET ECCS harness (engine harness) is pretty much self-contained.  You won't need any of it for an L24 setup.  You won't be using the turbo coil and ignitor - there may be some wiring there to be removed also.  There will be some relays that they would have to add and wiring connections into the 240Z harness(es) that you will no longer need.  Anything that ties to the ECCS harness can be disconnected and removed.

Getting the stock harnesses back to normal will entirely depend on how they did the turbo swap and if they eliminated any of the stock wiring when they did it.  If you're not familiar with stock 240Z wiring, that may be difficult to know what - if anything - they changed or removed.  

Good thing is:  240Z engine wiring is pretty simple.  Alternator may be something to look at.  If they switched over to the internally regulated alternator that would be stock on the L28ET, you may want to just stick with that rather than going back to a stock 240Z alternator...

BTW, I'll take your turbo engine ... :)


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Just like others have said it's a pretty simple setup!  The wiring you'll need for the L24 is extremely basic, you can ditch just about everything off that L28ET harness, keep the alternator and it's wiring as it's a worthwhile upgrade. 

Other than that all you'll need to wire up is starter, coolant temp sender, oil pressure sender, and distributor!  Then plumb up fuel and your rad hoses and you're all set.

I've got a set of Weber 40DCOE's with manifold and electromotive HPV-1 distributorless ignition setup I'll be selling this winter as I'm doing an RB26 swap.  If you're interested in either or have any question give me a shout!

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