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Let's Play: "What is this and where does it go!!??"

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Hey all,

I have found many threads and many inconclusive advice or comments about wiring under the dash. I have a very important Z Club event to attend in a little over a week and I need to get this sorted.

I have 90% of this stuff figured out between searching for posts and reading the wiring diagram.

On my 1973 240z, I have these few remaining wires that I cant figure out where they go. They don't appear to match up with any of the items on my wiring diagram, or any of the relays in my bundle. I could very well be missing some parts down here too.

Here goes:

1. The two here that I am questioning is the three prong (WB - W - L) and the two prong (B - RL). These are coming down from the passenger side



2. This one is two wires coming together in a female spade connector? Seems odd... (R - B). 


3. This next one has the double headed two prong connectors (TOP). Both are (G - BW) coming from the right passenger side harness. I have read that this has something to do with the electric fuel pump that this car was equipped with and has since been replaced with a Carter electric pump. Then there's the two prong (R - GW) that comes from the center harness. and the three prong (K - K - G) that comes from the center harness.



I will continue sleuthing through the FSM and whatever posts diagrams I can find, just thought I would toss this up in case someone already knows everything and wants to win some hard earned forum cred. :)



- Alex

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