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Hey all,


Firstly, I recognize that this is ground that has been tread and re-tread within the forums, but I am not finding an answer to my specific questions in older posts and am seeking clarity from the wise. With that said:


Tokico no longer makes the Illuminas (or maybe doesn't make anything anymore) and the last stock of BZ3099s and BZ3015s (originally sized for the 240Z front and AW11 MR2 rear) have evaporated from stock shelves the world over. Illuminas (especially these shorter models) seemed to be the consensus choice for a slightly lowered, slightly stiffened street S30. I have seen references in other threads that suggest that the Koni 6810s are stiffer and more appropriate for high spring rates and track/road race uses.


What shocks, currently on the market, are the best match to the performance of the Tokico Illuminas? Ideally something adjustable within the stiffness range of a daily driver.


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I would give KYB  a go if you're looking for something a little softer than Illuminas.  Koni Reds and Tokico HP strutsa are also a pretty good street shock from what I've heard. I'm sure there's some members here that have written about their experiences about using them.  The strut sectioning FAQ is a pretty good place to find some options if you haven't looked there already.

I actually have some spare Illuminas for a 240z if you want to try them.  I moved to Koni 1437 shocks all around and just have my Illuminas laying around.



Edit: Added Tokico HP

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