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Issue with installing Skillard Splitter on s30 with MSA urethane air dam

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I need some help.

I purchased a Skillard s30 splitter for type 1 air dam and can't seem to install it.

Here's my combo:

73 240z

the problem?

  1. The bolts that should go into the core support aren't the right size
  2. The sway bar is in the way
  3. The biggest problem, the splitter wont even mount up flush onto the core support, its off by many inches
  4. The air dam appears to be way lower that those of the pictures I've seen, so when i pull up the splutter to the bottom of the air dam, it doesn't come up to the core support to allow it to mount up.

One thing I know will get in my way - the previous owner hacked in some radiator supports that are lower than the stock core support - so I'll have to make some adjustment there.

Does anyone have pictures of the core support and the mounting holes I should be using? 

Does this air dam even work with the splitter? Did i completely F it up by buying two incompatible parts? I'll try and take some pictures but without more hands it'll be hard to show the gap...


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I have both the Urethane air dam and a Skillard splitter and got them to fit pretty ok. At the moment the front most angle brackets contact the air damn and create a small gap. Nothing too obvious but if I did it again I would notch the mount holes with a dremel to move the brackets back a little bit (a quarter in or so would probably solve my problems). as for the core support bolts I had a similar problem with the splitter hanging to low to reach as it was bottoming out on the stock 280z radiator hose(The 240z hose sits a bit higher) I had to pick up some longer bolts from the hardware store and a stack of washers to get it installed at the height I wanted unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the core support bolt holes. Here's some pictures of the urethane air dam and splitter installed on my Z though. I wish I could  get you an undercar shot but unfortunately I don't have a camera at the moment.


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here’s  the first problem I may have:


Is my air dam installed too low? Look at the forward mounting area - should it be pointing more up? I installed it this way as it is level at this angle. 

Here's a shot of the radiator core support and the funky radiator holder the previous owner installed. The sway bar is also in the way...


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7 hours ago, evoog said:

Airdam looks like its installed way to low. Take the bolts off, push it up, and then tru to place the splitter on. You can always contact skillard

thanks @evoog

I was afraid that might be the case, and I think that will make the air dam point upward which might look funny. I guess when I make the adjustment, we'll see how it goes.

I've never thought about contacting Mr. Skillard - ill hold onto that as i move forward.

Does anyone have a picture of their cross member that shows the holes that should bolt up?

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After emailing @Skillard, and being pointed out to the website (really, im that dumb:banghead:), its clear that the core supports are different on earlier s30's from both depth standpoint and bolt thread diameter.

Proceeding forward, I'll start by getting long bolts with some nylon spacers and washers. Then i'll have a look at the mounting position of the front air dam and see if any adjustments are called for. Lastly, I'll have to figure out my sway bar situation which impacts the rear panel of the splitter.

Thanks all for the help! I'll update this thread when I make progress.

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