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New to Zs from WV

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I've been on this forum a few times during my searches for megasquirt answers. I recently acquired a 74 260z. The guy that owned it bought it in the late 70s, during the 80s he auto crossed it and ran it on the road courses. It's sat since 91 in his garage, now that's he's older the car is going to too much for him to tackle to get it back on the road. I asked to get a chance to buy it if ever decides to sell it. Well he ended up giving it to me, he just wants to see it back on the road again someday. He's owned half a dozen zs theought the years and collected a ton of parts. He's giving me them all as well as he un burys them. 

I got it to my garage yesterday, after doing a quick once over on it it's going to need both full floor pans, rockers, doors and a new hatch. He's giving me the doors and hatches that he has. He installed fiberglass fenders, and he said the rockers and quarters are glass as well. He's got a fiberglass hood for it. 

Ive always wanted to build a "wide body" car and being that this one is not in perfect shape I think it's a good candidate for that. I've found the quarters and fenders I like from ztrix.com. 

I'm a "Chevy guy" but I like and respect all engines. As easy as it would be to throw a sbc or LS engine in I want to stay with a Nissan 6cyl. If I didn't go with a Nissan then it would be getting a Buick V6. I would like to make 200-250 n/a horsepower. 

I am going to try to gather all the parts for it before I tear into it. I have to finish my current project a 72 ghia. I want to make a hot street car out of it. It will be auto crossed and road raced on occasion. I plan to come back to here for answers. 












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Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. Thanks for the comment on the ghia!


Im from Wheeling, I pass through Parkersburg often when I am headed to Charleston for work. Your not going to find too many solid Zs in this state lol. 


He has slowly been dropping off parts at my house. Once I get everything I will see what I have and what I need and get a game plan. I've always bought parts for vehicles as I built them, but I think for this one I want to have 90% of the parts bought before I ever turn a wrench on it. 

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Digging this up from the dead. I currently have zero time for vehicles, but one came along that I could not pass up. A 83 280zx for $300, I initially wanted to buy it just for the wheels to put them on my 78 Dodge colt. Honestly the car was worth the price for the wheels alone to me. It was advertised without a title which was ok because I figured I could use parts off of it on my 260.


Well after asking some questions I was told the car was from out west and is very solid, and the owner had replaced a handful of parts. When I arrived to pick it up he had just found the title so that changes all of my plans now. 


I need to resarch on the site more to see what will interchange between the 260 and the 280. I could make a very clean car between the both of them. I like the interior from the 260 and it also has a fiberglass fenders and hood. 


The efi on the 280 has been torn into it looks like. I would much rather keep efi, and possibly go megasquirt down the road. 


I would like to tear tear into them this winter and get one on the road. 








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The 5 speed and diff will swap over if he gets a 280Z mustache bar and cross-brace.  The EFI system can be swapped in also, but will take a little more study to get it done.  The half-shafts are good to have as spares.

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Yeah I did some searching earlier and discovered they are complety different. I haven’t seen my 260 for awhile until today and I can clearly see the differences. 


I would like to make a road legal autocross  track car. Is the zx a bad foundation for that? The 260 I have needs a ton of sheet metal replaced. 

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