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5 lug, 4 wheel big disc brake, and coilovers for pennies using 2014 mustang spindle and brakes

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I've been digging around and can't seem to find good info, probably because everyone is doing the opposite, but what's the smallest brake package you can fit on these S197 spindles? Trying to figure out how to plan to keep to a 15" wheel if I'm converting to 5x114.3 all around. I'm attempting to keep wet curb weight relatively low (sub 2300lbs is the goal, with V8 and 6 speed), and would rather not escalate to the taller/larger wheels. There's still a few good options for 15's left that the market hasn't completely dried up on.

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Stock smallest is the v6 2005 brakes, they are 11.5 and comfortably fit 16 inch wheels, and struggle with 15s.  


There are aftermarket 2005 to 2014 front brakes by wilwood and others that are 4 piston calipers and are specifically designed for 15 inch wheels.


At that point, you still benefit from the taller balljoint, the Ackerman, and camber at the hub adjustment, but aren't saving much money, because s197 aftermarket brakes aren't 200 dollars like the factory refurbished ones are.

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Yeah, I found some examples of S197's running 15's all around specifically for drag racing, with slicks in the back and skinnies up front, and those 15's where even clearing the larger GT brakes, but using spacers. Lots of talk of mild grinding of the caliper to fit.


I'm still not sure that it's not the less expensive way to go, even with expensive aftermarket brakes to fit 15" wheels, because the alternatives are just as expensive for fancy brakes, and you still end up with many aspects that are proprietary to Z cars. If you convert to the S197 spindle at least then you're using "mustang market" parts which get volume discount.


All that said, when I went looking for "compact" brake packages from willwood and others, the only compact stuff I found are specifically "drag pack" brakes which are far less braking potential than OEM for usage like road racing. They're designed for one hard stop at the end of a straight, not a 30 minute heat on a road course.


I'll keep looking though. Realistically I'm probably another year out.


Rough order of operations before we get to front spindles:

1. Finish engine mounts

2. Fabricate trans mount

3. Fabricate exhaust manifolds

4. Purchase flywheel

5. Attempt to find a clutch combo that works with said flywheel

6. Find driveline shop that can make me a custom shaft with the sliding section required (bolted on both  sides)

( Then the fun begins )

7. Determine if I want to move forward with the R200 just to have the car back on the road, or reach out to Vlad and start a super 8.8 swap and only have the driveshaft made once, instead of twice....


Also, in the midst of all those very mechanical/logistical aspects of the swap I'll be wiring an engine loom, potentially switching from MS3x to something else, we'll see.


Then there's the triage of either route. If 1-6 take a full calendar year from now, expect to get a DM from me around April 2024 @Invincibleextremes :-) 

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new front bolt on control arms available that make the 2014 mustang spindle swap a bolt on deal.


green car also has baer brakes and he really likes them.


the suspension picture isn't of the new arms, but is of the spindle swap in general.  This particular car has modded stock arms.


faded red car has the front spindle swap and the rear 2015 mustang hub and diff swap too.






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Most of this looks pretty great, but that mounting on the camber plate to the strut tower isn't exactly confidence inspiring.


Is there no way to swap out the top of the coils to fit better?

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IINM, it looks like they were going for max caster using the BC camber plate, kind of like the EMI plates allowed with their innovative design.  One can run the BC plates in the stock strut tower mounting position no problem.

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Weld in plate to get the max caster and bring strength back to the shock tower.


The reason for the needed caster mod, is the mustang spindles have an offset bearing, and were designed for 8 degrees of caster in general.   


Proper wheel placement in a Datsun s30 requires  the offset balljoint and shock top.  David in the dark blue car just cut his front fenders instead, and kept his ball joint in the normal location.


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