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Tomei Poncams

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I wanted to share my cam adventure with you guys. Below are some picture of the Tomei intake cam from my 1jzvvti.


Driving home late one night and my car just stops running. I have batter power, so I naturally thought it was a wiring issue. I towed it home and started testing everything. swapped out the igniter, solenoids, replaced wires, even replaced the computer and after a month of on and off trouble shooting, I contacted AEM (I have a standalone) and with their help I tracked it down to a bad cam sensor. But when a new Cam sensor didn't fix the problem, I had a bad feeling.... I pulled the valve cover to find a broken cam.


Only about 400 miles on them so I called Tomei and they promptly replaced the intake side. I am in the process of putting it in, but I need to order some shims to finish.


I think the worst part of this is that I don't have confidence that this one will stay in one piece... 




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