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Lost 3 lap pads


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I have read on multiple forums about broken valve springs, wrong adjustments, stuck valves etc.


So I went for a short trip to my local club meeting in my 240z(l28) and came back with no issue. I tried to start it up the next day and it was noisy (valve train). I opened up the valve cover and found not one but THREE lash pads off. What the heck could cause such a thing? This car had sat for a very long time before I got it and I have less than 1k mikes on it since I bought it. On its second oil change since not sitting up. 

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When I popped a lash pad, a valve ended up knicking a piston.  Stainless valves were too tight in cast guides and with the heat of normal engine operation lodged a valve stem in the guide and the piston tapped the valve.


i noticed looking through the spark plug hole and seeing the minor marking on the piston.




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Lash pads right? I thought that looked funny. 


If you didn't tighten the lock nut it wouldn't take much to loosen and come out of adjustment. Granted if it is sticking that isn't really an adjustment thing as it is a bent valve stem, debris in the valve guide, or something of that nature.  

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What engine / year? Update your signature. Not that uncommon in an early head that has sat too long bronze seats , gummed up guides . My 71 did that also. The valve sticks and the lash pads turn on the retainer and get kicked off. Not real fix but you could try some Marvel Mystery oil in the oil and gas . I would fill my car up at the airport( years ago) with 100LL and seemed to help. 

Sorry - just saw that you put that it was a L28 , so disregard the early head stuff , but still might be a gummy issue

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