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Finally Picked Up My S30

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Hello everyone, I've been a Nissan fanboy since I picked up my first 09 Nismo 370Z. I've been racing that ever since and eagerly eyeing an S30. I am a NASA National Instructor and compete in a wide variety of events in a wide variety of cars. I've earned trophies with NASA, SCCA, Chumpcar, completed the One Lap of America, and more.


I'm sure you care much more about my Datsuns. Picked this up for a steal to give it a good home: my garage. It is a 1977 280Z with the L28ET from an 83 ZX. All done by the previous, previous owner. Originally from the west coast, it has very little rust after 3 years around Washington D.C. 







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Welcome from another 280Z with L28ET and Xterra owner :). Lucky you, I want to make my car look like yours. It would have saved me money if I found that one :rolleyes:


I actually think Nissan is pretty lame though... haha. Their newer cars are bland and gutless, and they take FOREVER to update models (e.g. Frontier has been the same for nearly 14 years, and the 370Z is close to 10). But the early Z's and the Xterra are two huge exceptions.



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