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Heater blower and ventilation bits & pieces - SOLD

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Heater blower assembly from 1973 260Z.  In good physical condition, no damage or rust, fan spins freely, defroster flap operates smoothly and securely, bellows still soft and pliable.  Blower works, but doesn't seem to be pushing air at full force like it should.  May be compatible with other years if you have similar plug configuration.  Includes the connecting "mini-harness" and cable for defroster flap as depicted.  $15


Multiple heating and ventilation bits and pieces.  All in good usable shape, moving parts function smoothly.  $5 each, or $45 for the lot.


Prices do not include shipping.  Thanks for looking.





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Update.  I retested the blower on a good battery and it blows well (battery I used previously to test it was weak).  So I would say this blower could be installed and used immediately....a good thing for this arctic blast that's descended on the US!  No change in price!  Still $15 plus shipping.


I also sourced another blower unit.  This one is same good physical and functioning condition as the one pictured, but does not include the mini-harness and defroster cable.  $10 plus shipping.


Thanks for looking.

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