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Electrical Switches and Warning Indicators

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Several various switches and warning indicators for sale; most pulled from 1973 early-model 260 and a 1974 late-model 260.  


Rear Defogger Switch, two available.  Both in very good physical condition, both have the same plug, and both work, tested on digimeter.  $12 each.


Rear Defogger Indicator Lamp, two available.  Both in excellent physical condition, but one is missing the pigtail and bulb socket.  $10 for the one with the pigtail; $5 for the one without.


Choke Indicator Lamp, two available.  Both in very good condition.  Please note that one has a two-prong male connector and the other has a two-prong female connector.  $10 each.


Warning Buzzer with three-prong male connector.  $15.


AC Temperature Control Switch.  It's in ok physical condition and working condition is unknown.  $10.


Miscellaneous lamps with pigtails, three available.  All three in excellent condition; all three have different length pigtails and different plug configurations.  $2 each.


Emergency Cutoff Switch.  Plug and wiring are in good condition, but the button has been broken off.  Free to anyone who purchases at least $15 of parts.


Random Switch Delete Covers, two available.  I'm pretty sure the larger one is from a Z car; no idea what car the small one came from.  Free to anyone that purchases at least $10 of parts.


Prices do not include shipping.  All of these small parts can be combined for shipping; so the more you buy, the more you save!  Thanks for looking.



















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Everything but the A/C temp control and emergency cutoff is SOLD.  Thx, wal280z -- pleasure doing business with you.


Anyone who wants the last two switches can have them for the price of shipping.  


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