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10mm ring gear to 12mm carrier

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On my list to accomplish is 2018 is to install a 3.36 CLSD R200 into my Z. I have not torn into my 3.36 R200, but I am lead to believe that it will have I may have an issue with ring gear bolt incompatibility with my Z31 LSD carrier. I searched the FAQs on this issue and there were references to 10mm ID/12 mm OD spacers being available on McMaster Carr’s website. Well, I couldn’t find any. So, I turned to eBay and found some that so will try to use. I lost this only as a search reference for the next guy doing this modification. 



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There's made to order - https://www.mcmaster.com/#spacers/=1b3phas


You could probably run without them if you spin the ring gear in its loaded direction.  Reverse and engine braking won't matter much.


In principle, the clamping force of the bolts is supposed to be enough.

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Your link just took me back to the spacer page, but from what I remember, “made to order” was pricier. I don’t have my diff apart (there’s a chance I won’t even need the spacers), I’m just trying to have the parts on hand so it does sit like all my other projects. I want to do it all in one day once I get into it. 


As to to the issue of “clamp it down and hope for the best” without spacers. Well, I don’t operate that way. I’m one of those guys who hot laps all night long while other folks sit in the pits scratching their heads and cussing. However, I do have concerns about the Z31axles handling 600-700hp even on a rolling start, but that’s a matter for different day. And I don’t have 600hp yet, so it’s getting ahead of myself by a couple of years. 


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I’m having a vlsd installed in a 3.7 z31 case. The vlsd I bought was supposed to have 12mm bolts based upon what the internet says... which is always right...


The 3.7 ring did have 12mm bolts. To take up some of the space, my fabricator turned some bushings to press in. 


There were no 12 x 13 units available on eBay, so you’re lucky with the 10x12.




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