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Hello from Calgary Alberta, Canada

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As you can assume since I am posting to this section of the website, I am new here!

I have been a long time lurker and am finally starting my own build. I will be posting that to the proper location, but I will share a little about myself here. I have had my Z32 for close on ten years, and there has been no work to it since I have owned it. I am finally changing that, and probably with the easiest swap of all! (Sarcasm)

A little about myself, I am an Industrial Mechanic by trade with experience in fabrication, electrical, machining and all sort of other pertinent subjects. Well it's not much, and I hope I haven't broken any rules about posting. I hope to keep learning from the wisdom here and enlightened as I make my way through this project. Everyone keep working hard but most of all have fun!



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