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Collection of original gauges and gauge components for sale.  All were pulled from a running 1974 260 Z and a non-running 1973 260Z.  All are in very good physical condition:  no cracks or chips in the lenses, metal cases no rust or dents, wiring and connector plugs all in nice condition, except where noted below.  Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees, except for the package deal on everything.*


Speedometer, from the non-running 1973 260; includes the trip odometer reset cable and knob, which scrolls smoothly and does reset the odo.  $20.


Rheostat/dimmer switch for gauge lamp brightness, from the non-running 1973 260.  Tested on digimeter, and does appear to be functioning correctly.  $5.


Speedo cable, from the non-running 1973 260.  Appears fully intact and functional.  $10.  ($5, if purchased with above speedometer).  


Amp/Fuel, Temp/Oil, and Clock; from the non-running 1973 260.  Shown in the pictures of three small gauges.  Working condition unknown.  The clock was put on a battery and does not appear to be running; the adjuster knob works, but one of the side clips on the connector is broken.  $10 each.  SOLD


Amp/Fuel and Clock; from the running 1974 260.  Shown in the pictures of the two small gauges.  Were in good working order when pulled from car several years ago.  Clock is not the original Jeco model; refurbished with quartz movement and kept time very accurately.  Placed on a battery yesterday to verify that it still runs, but can’t guarantee that it still keeps accurate time.  $15 for Amp/Fuel and $20 for Clock.


(The three mounting straps shown in the first picture are already sold.)


* I will do a package deal for everything remaining (speedo and cable, dimmer switch, amp/fuel gauge)....$100 $45 shipped anywhere in the US.


Thanks for looking.









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