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280zx air conditioning condenser mating with Vintage Air evaporator

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I've embarked on the installation of a Vintage Air evaporator, using John's Cars compressor and mounting, and a stock copper condenser  out of a 280Z.


I like the condenser because it is a perfect fit.. bolts in with existing bolt holes and the high and low pressure line align with the radiator mount.


This unit has been stored for a number of years with duct tape covering the orifices of both lines.


The lines appear to be 37 degree cone and very similar to either jic or an fittings.  Does any know what standard  fitting was used on 280z condensers?


I  need to match my condenser (37 degree or so cone)  to the"O" ring fittings of the compressor and evaporator unit.  Does anyone know of any adapter that might make the transference.


Finally,  local a/c guys advise me to ditch the 280Z condenser in favor of a newer after market AL unit with  "O" ringed fittings.  The reasons they give are: 1.  the high and low pressure fitting, being a flare of some degree, are inadequate and will leak refrigerant;  that the copper construction does not transfer heat as well as AL,  and that my 280Z condenser is contaminated by the oil that was used in the '70s  and can not be adequately cleaned or used with the current refrigerants.


So can anyone tell me:  1.  What standard are my condenser's fittings?  Are they JIC?

                                           2.  Are the newer refrigerants (134a ?) incompatible with flare fittings?

                                           3.  Is oil contamination a real problem or is it something that can be cleaned up by any radiator shop?


I've read Tony's discussion of CU versus AL and condenser sizing, so I don't see the construction or size to be a problem.



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