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91 Octane gas with modified L28 Turbo Motor...???

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So I am swapping in an L28Turbo with an upgraded T3/T4, p79 A-Grind Cam, p90 Head with dished pistons, Megasquirt, larger injectors, etc...  I know the compression starts at around 7.4 for turbo motors and the N/A motors are around the mid 8's.  My buddy has a 76 280z with a stage 2 cam and exhaust and runs 87 octane with no problems.  So my questions are:


1.  With this turbo set up, can I run 91 octane or lower?  I had 2 turbo cars already, 90 VW Corrado and 1999 Audi A4, I always had to run 91 octane.

2.  Is there an amount of boost where 91 octane will not work anymore?  The turbo I have says 18psi max, but I don't plan on putting it that high, maybe around 15psi for weekend driving and 10psi for daily driving.


Any info would be great.  Thanks

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