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Back in the Datsun business!

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Hello all. Its been about 6 years since I was last active here. I bought this car when I was 11 and "truly" drove it for the first time when I was 21. Through my entire child hood and even college I worked on the car. Body work, paint, interior, suspension, engine... all as time, experience and money allowed. I drove it to college one day before graduating, was able to take my grandpa for a ride and felt as though I had fulfilled her needs during that stage in my life. I moved away leaving the car at home and later in storage. This past fall I purchased my first house which included a two car garage and detached shop. I was very quick to get the car shipped over (to save storage cost) but didnt really have much of a desire to work on it. It had sat for so long with improper prep I was a little concerned about what I might find. Long story short, I got some inspiration back after my room mate went to look at a 510 that he will be purchasing this weekend. I got to drive the 510 around the block and got some good flashbacks to my times working on my car or driving the many donor cars that all filtered into the car I have today. I am committed to getting back at "the Z" and getting her on the road. It fired up fairly easily and with new gas, oil and a tightened hose clamp all seems to be intact. Initially it ran quite well but now it appears #3 is not firing. I suspect a clogged injector so I will be working on that here soon. Here are a few quick photos showing the transformation of both the car and me over the years. I look forward to being back in the community here as I was for so many years growing up. Thanks to HybridZ for all the support getting the car where it is and for many more projects in the future!








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Thanks for the welcome Derek! It seems like there is a lot less traffic on hybridz now. I wonder if its partially due to the values going up and people not finding Zs for a $1000 and wanting to modify them. Also, nice work on the DOHC head! I came across your website and browsed through some of your posts.

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Welcome back!


Lots of traffic has moved to Facebook groups, particularly the buying/selling parts aspect. 


The forum is better off, lots of toolshed content is being caught up there, and once people get here they've already done some reading.


Photobucket also broke a lot of build logs... that didn't help.

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