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Holset HX35W Turbo Setup For Sale

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Hello all, I built this about 6 years ago and just recently got it back into my possession and cruising around. I built it during college and didnt know much about turbo sizing and built something much bigger than I really want to deal with now. I was given the Holset for free and never though that I might not be wanting a motor with the amount of power the Holset would want to produce. I have decided to restart with a more stock size T3 and work my way up as I see fit. I dont want to just sell the manifold and turbo as all of it fits together so nicely Id rather see it sell as a kit. This would be a really good bolt on kit for someone that has the right engine to go with it.


Here is my original build thread:


Parts List:


HX35W from a Cummins with ~20k or so. The guy I got it from had upgraded and just wanted to give away the old turbo. It was/is super clean and in excellent condition. 

Customized oil drain tube to fit from Holset to oil pain

Stock turbo exhaust manifold with T3-Holset adaptor with a 38mm wastegate port

Tial 38mm external Wastegate

Custom 3" downpipe with plumbing for wastegate and wideband 02 sensor

Custom 2.5" intercooler piping

Large ~3" thick intercooler

BOV from MSA (Motorsport auto, not sure if its still around...) 

All silicone adaptors and clamps

Huge K&N filter to fit over the Holset


The car runs and drives now but I never got to tune it thoroughly when I originally built it. It builds boost and really scoots before I get scared about leaning out the motor and blowing something up.


I am interesting in gauging interest and seeing what people think it is worth. I started adding things up and can easily get to $1500 in parts not counting a lot of hours of work. 






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