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Steering shaft shortening

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My tube chassis is almost complete, but I am at a small hiccup. Because I am going big tire - My lateral bar is almost perfectly mated up to the B pillar - and my tubs are flush there as well. So the main hoop and a few other bars are going to place me a little forward of full-rear stock seat location.... I will be using a Kirkey seat - but when we did a test fit - the steering wheel is super close.


Who has shortened their steering shaft, and what was the process of doing so? I am using the standard 280z dash as well. 

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Welcome to the forum!


Please note, you have posted to the FAQ section which is reserved for informative posts and does not allow responses.


I've moved your thread to the fabrication section of the forum.


The Z steering wheels are pretty close to begin with. You can run a flat face wheel to gain a couple inches. I'll leave shortening of the shaft to others to answer.

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