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Size, lengths, and pitch of 280Z headlight bolts?

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I was changing the headlights in my 78 280Z tonight and I managed to snap 3 of the 4 bolts that hold the headlight in (the ones with the flat head).


Can someone please tell me the size, length, and pitch of these bolts so I can buy replacements?


I also need to get the remaining bolts out. I am thinking pliers, because they protrude on the other side, but would a small easy-out be a better idea?


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Realistically you can get just about anything to fit as a replacement. I'd just take the nut that goes over the opposite end to a hardware store. Any place should have somewhere for you to check the size. Length isn't hugely important. I'd probably go with something that's about 3/4" to an inch. 

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