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NEW OWNER: 75 280Z w/ LT1

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I just picked up this badboy about 2 weeks ago. Runs strong and shifts smooth.

Has a Corvette LT1 engine with matching 4-speed auto, engine has intake, larger throttle body, competition cams, headers, power steering.













Suspension is okay, seems to have been refreshed at somepoint but I'm thinking of going the coilover route and some aftermarket control arms to push back the rear wheel a little. Also looking to change out the wheels at some point but one of the biggest disappointments is the stock R180 with Open diff. Whats the cheapest way to get an LSD in here, i think its a 3.54 and seems to work pretty well for all around driving running about 2500 RPM at 80 mph but i'm not opposed to a 3.7.

I'm considering welding the 180 to keep it intact while i figure out a r200 LSD swap.


Any advice is appreciated.

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Hopefully somebody can help me with this - the LT1 is hard starting in the mornings. I turn on the ignition and the fuel pump runs for about seconds, the car starts up pretty quickly but doesn't have enough gas to keep it going and will stall out.


I turn the key on and off to cycle the pump a few times and it helps but still not enough.


Is there a way to make the pump cycle longer? Should i install a larger pump?


any input is appreciated.



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59 minutes ago, Richard Oben said:

Sounds like the regulator is bleeding off the pressure.  I could be easily wrong, but the key several times helping is a good indicator of faulty regulator.  HTH, Richard. 

Thanks for the heads up, i'll give it a google.


Actually - they have a fuel pressure gauge installed in the engine bay - is there a number is should be?


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11 hours ago, ZHoob2004 said:

More than zero. Look at the gauge before you turn the key, then again when it's running. You want as little difference as possible between them.

So at idle its running about 35, when i unplug the vacum line it bumps up to about 40, but as soon as i turn off the engine it drops to less than 15 instantly.


When i turn the key on, the fuel pump runs and pressure is about 40, but as soon as the fuel pump stops is drops to below 15 instantly again. It also looks to be an aftermarket part.





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4 minutes ago, ZHoob2004 said:

Could be the regulator or it could be the check valve in the fuel pump. I'm not knowledgeable enough to advise beyond this point.


Thanks so much for the help - it gives me a good place to start looking. It is much appreciated.

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