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Split second loss of power

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I am running Megasquirt 2 wired in similar to below wiring diagram with an 83 distributor and using the MAP sensor.



Under very light/cruising conditions the power will suddenly drop out then come right back. Makes for a sudden jerk as driving.

Took it to a track day last year and didn't have any problems at continuous WOT.


As I type this I thought a deadspot in the TPS (although it was new 2 years ago when I installed MS) I'll check that tomorrow morning.


Any other ideas that I could look for or check? 





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Here are 2 examples. It looks like MAP is getting funky readings. One spike high and one spike low.


Examples are right at the end of the logs.





Disregard 2nd image. Can't seem to figure out how to get rid of it.








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Think I found the issue... at least with the Datalogs missing information. You are using an ancient Firmware on that ECU. Original B&G version 2.60. .B&G code is over 12 years old. 

You should update your firmware to MSExtra code. Latest release version for MS2 is 3.4.2. Lots of improvements and bug fixes since the B&G firmware. 


You update the ECU Firmware from within Tuner Studio. Choose " Firmware Update "  in the Tools Menu.  Your laptop must be online with your MS ECU and must be connected to the Internet. 


Update your Firmware and reload your Tune. I would advise making a brand new Project file after the Firmware update to keep things straight. Otherwise you may have issues with file mismatches.  


 You will get a signature mismatch on your Tune when you update the Firmware . Easy to fix. Just make sure that you your Laptop is connected to your ECU and Internet at the same time. You will be given an Option to download the latest signature files. That will update your Tune Signature format to match the new Firmware. 


 Note: Do NOT confuse the ECU firmware update with Tuner Studio software update. Two different things.  


Think of Firmware as a Bios update on your Laptop or Desktop computer and Tuner Studio software update as Windows/MAC OS updates. 


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Might be an idea to take screenshots of your settings and Export/Import your Tables. Then start a New project and Tune using the 3.4.2 defaults. The way you will get a clean build from scratch with all of the MS Extra 3.4.2 default settings. WUE, ASE AE etc. And you don't have to worry about signature mismatches. 

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MAtt Cramer 

You cannot receive any private messages so here it goes  ...

I live in Asheville NC. and do not know of anyone who is familiar with MS Datsuns (l28et) and that has a dyno. Do you have anyone you would recommend?  I am not opposed to trailering it to Atalanta or Charlotte.


For your time 

Dan Carroll 



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