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Looks like you posted to the FAQ section, I've gone ahead and move you over to the technical section. If you want replies in your posts I would advise staying away from the FAQ section as that section is currently locked against replies.


There are many more knowledgeable people, off the top of my head you would need boost compatible carbs or modified standard carbs, I believe the floats are one of the concerns as they can be crushed under positive pressure.


In addition you would need a rising rate fuel pressure regulator to supply adequate pressure behind the fuel during boost.


Next you would need a surge tank or collector so the turbo can blow through the carbs from one inlet.


Viable boost options? I mean you can run turbochargers, you would have to match the turbo characteristics with the jets and the bore size of the carbs I imagine. If you are talking alternative boost, you can run a vortech supercharger type setup as well.


280zex comes to mind as someone who is running blown through carb turbo, although he is running a 4 barrel.

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