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250 GTO/Vella Rosa dash

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I purchased this dash over 5 years ago but never used it.    I believe it was an alternative dash for use with Vela Rosa or Thunder Ranch GTO kits.  Anyone have an idea of worth, or have a need?  I'll probably ebay it.  PM me with any thoughts




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Since I have not attempted to install it I cannot be absolutely guarantee it will fit without trimming.  But from measurements I have taken and my calibrated eyeball to check contours I would feel confident that it will fit. in place of the stock Z dash.  The center console cutout lines up perfectly with the stock center console.  

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It looks like the original Alpha 1 GTO dash but without the leather look finish.  The Alpha and later John Washington (Reaction Research Velo Rossa) dash is bonded to the original steel Z dash skeleton.  https://www.ztrix.com/installation-guides/alphabet-dash-installation.html?highlight=WyJkYXNoIl0=   


This is what my Alpha 1 GTO dash looks like but it can be used with the original Z instruments.  Oh, and to answer your original question, I think John lists his dash for $345.

Steering Wheel.jpg

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