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Izanami 280z

New here with a question.

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Hey I just joined this forum to be part of a community that loves z cars and the sort also for other reasons but I'll get to that later. My names reese and I'm  currently rebuilding a 1978 datsun 280z with alot of Hopes and dreams as of now I'm from the US and am 27 years old. (Yea have no idea how to introduce myself on a forum if you guys cant tell). Anywho my other reason being here is to buy and sell parts of I could. I'm attempting an RB26 swap and all the goodies that go with it but my garage is filling up way too fast with parts I no longer need. As of right now, I would just like to ask if there is any specific places you guys would know that I could sell some of these parts. I really dont mind selling them for cheap (agreeably so) I just dont wanna take them to the scrap yard knowing that people might need something. Thanks for any help in advance. 

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Thank you to you both for your response. It's also a off topic question but I've seen that you can sell parts right on Hybridz! But you have to donate does anyone know how that can be done and what's the minimum donation. 

9 hours ago, AlbatrossCafe said:

I"ve been wrestling with the same problem... honestly most of the parts I wouldn't mind giving away for free. I hate to just throw them away, but I don't need them and I'm not about to hoard old pieces for years. I have no idea.

Yea I really dont want any of these to go to waste. Yea some are old but still good. 

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