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Ball bearing vs Journal bearing Turbos?

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Has anyone upgraded from a journal bearing to ball bearing turbo?  If so, maybe you can answers some of these questions:


1.  How much faster is the spool time?  500rpm, 1000rpm or not noticeable?


2.  Is the max HP actually higher with the exact same turbo but has the ball bearings in them?


3.  When down shifting, does the B.B. Turbo respond faster?


4.  Is it worth spending the extra $500 or more for a B.B. Turbo?



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never owned a turbo car in my life but I googled the same thing a while ago and my conclusion was that for a typical street setup the gains are small but not worth it. For a well matched turbo and everything being equal spool might start 150-500 RPM earlier. Not sure about max hp.

I would spend that money on tuning instead.


I am planning a turbo race car so I might get one just because they can handle more abuse.

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I went with a chinese gt35 on my last build I also own a genuine garrett gt35r. They have journal and BB types watch out theres some that say BB but only the compressor side I believe. They are a fraction of the price and they have gotten much better in the manufacturing side. I dont have much mileage on it but so far shes breathing 17psi no issues. Also just price difference between a name brand journal bearing and BB is the equivalent of the best chinese turbos. Many people have been running them for years, ie youtube channel boostedboiz sloppy mechanics etc etc. 

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