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WTB: 280Z, windshield, spare tire well, scuff panels, Thermostat housing

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I'm looking for a windshield for a 75 280Z 2-seater, both scuff panels (i think that is what they are called - they hold the floor carpeting to the door bottom - not the part that says "datsun" on it) and the arm rests for both doors.


I broke the bolts (sheared the heads right off) on my thermostat housing - bought a used set and did it again. So i am looking for the thermostat housing bottom and top, already disconnected, lol. If anybody has some sitting around i want it.


Im also looking for a decent condition tire well as mine has some rust.



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38 minutes ago, Nelsonian said:

Are you in a massive rush to find the spare tire well? I will be cutting out mine from my '73 240z, but it will be a little while. My car was blasted to bare metal and sprayed with Endura epoxy primer. 


Don’t think it will for his year - but if it fits a 70 I would be interested

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