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Great Street Cam for Datsun L6 - New + a stock cam

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Brand new Schneider camshaft with mods.  This one has been nitrided and has been drilled, tapped and an hed head type npt plug installed in the back. 


Current price is $275 at Schneider (no nitride and press fit plug in back): 



$300 plus regular Fed Ex shipping to your destination.





Sorry this picture is blurry - but the top has "290F":



Stock, OEM datsun "A" cam for use with a spray bar (not internally drilled).  Can be used after cleaning off the cosmoline (it has been coated) and polishing the journals, or this is a good cam core for a regrind.


$50 plus reg Fed Ex shipping to your destination:





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Resurrecting this one and reducing price to $200.  I have a stock cam which is in excellent condition - different than the one in the pics above.  I used the one in the pics - I sent it to Isky and had it reground.  Price is $50 - I can ship directly to your cam regrinder.  Let me know if you want pics.

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