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Power Rack Steering Coupler Help???

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I have an '83 280zx and I wanted to replace my old steering coupler but after searching online, I can't find a rubber/poly replacement that will fit.

Only ones I'm finding available are couplers for the manual rack 280zx or s30 models. 

I'm wondering does anyone know if any couplers from any earlier models will fit despite all these websites telling me otherwise?

I'm trying not to resort to buying the pricey solid aluminum one from T3. Here's the link to it:


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I recall someone mentioning that they made their own out of rubber or something. I think it was in one of the ls1 swap post. I think it was done for clearance. Ill see if I can find the poster. 


If you look at the joint, it looks fairly easy to just replace the rubber bit. I recently replaced my mustang steering shaft with a solid shaft (no rubber rag joint) and the steering is now super crisp. You can actually "feel" the road now.  

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