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280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

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The T5 is smaller and lighter than the TKO, and there were some T5's rated 330ft-lbs that was put behind the Cobra motors.  The  World Class T5 is apparently more robust than the T45, regardless of the T45's torque ratings.  The T56 is a six-speed.  I've had a six-speed Mustang GT, and second gear is essentially useless unless you're trying to minimize your 0-60 time.

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After a long wait for transmission parts it's rebuilt now and back into the car working great. Put a new dual friction clutch disk in it as I burnt up my last one with the slave cyl not releasing.

I ditched the Wilwood pull clutch set up and built a push clutch system.

I recommend to everyone don't even waste your time and money on the Wilwood pull clutch, the slave I found has the proper amount of travel needed to fully release the clutch.

I ended up using a 1996 suzuki sidekick slave like $15.






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Totally agree on the Wilwood being a waste of money. I like your bracket, wouldn't have thought to run one on the inside of the bellhousing like that.  Mine bolts to the outside of the case, but isn't as 'in line' as yours is.  Can you access those bolts while the transmission is attached, or does the transmission have to be off the car to get them all the way out?

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Good question: I definitely installed the bracket before I put the trans back in. I think I could fit a ratchet wrench in there with the bracket and clutch fork installed.

But to get the bolts out to install a bracket like this, might be difficult with the clutch fork in the way. Maybe a 1/4 ratchet with a 13mm deep socket might work? 

If you could rig something up to push the clutch fork in and hold it to get that extra inch shouldn't have any issues.


These are the only two other pictures I haveIMG_3567.thumb.JPG.e2284a75b2c6b717f35588c11fcd515b.JPGIMG_3569.thumb.JPG.b4d209671e5d33998e27c2c302b487b2.JPG

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Ah, good point.  Would be pretty easy to put a piece of threaded rod through the old cable hole to draw the fork out of the way.  I've gotta squirrel your bracket design away for when/if my slave goes out, I like it better than mine.  It's been on there for 5yrs now I think with no issues though, so it might be some time before I have to implement it.  

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I had the car running and driving last summer but was having some major issues with fuel.

I wired in the OBD ll port and pulled the codes on my SCT tuner had something like 14 codes. Worked through them one by one to clear them all .By the end I had the entire engine harness ripped apart. But was able to clear all the codes.

My fuel pressure was way off as well Installed a inline gauge to check ended up having 80psi of fuel pressure going into the rail. I don't know if it was something to do with using a junk crown vic fuel rail to convert the system a return style. Put a new fuel regulator in problem is all fixed.


Although I'm plagued by the ford curse of restarting the car on hot starts, but it will start with the gas pedal to the floor to clear the cylinders, I will figure that problem out later.


Built a new intake as well. Everything is a but dusty at the moment.





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The hot start issue doesn't see to be a problem anymore, maybe it just needed a good burn run. 


I have over 500km on the swap and everything is working nicely, It spins 275 tires with ease and chirps 2nd and 3rd gear shifts.


Finally finished painting and polishing the car, cleaned up the engine bay. I will post some better pictures in the future here.


But the swap is complete, time to drive and enjoy before I dig into anything else














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Dude!  Great pictures!  Car looks like it came out really clean too.  Right down to the OEM hood latch ( I had to remove mine when I went from the SOHC to the DOHC 4.6....) 


Glad to see you're enjoying it.   The 'in car' picture from the Mini almost has a video game appearance to it. :)

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