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I'm looking to add some components to my exhaust system and maybe re-reoute it. The car is a 2jz powered with a turbo. Right now, after the turbo, it goes to a V-band, that goes straight under the car and has a bullet muffler near the drive shaft and exits right behind the passenger.


It is real droney and loud. 


I've bought a universal catalytic converter and a Vibrant ultra quiet resonator and have another v-band on the shelf.


My assumption would be to put the cat pretty up stream like under the transmission, then put the resonator near the drive shaft where my muffler is. Is that correct? 


I think I want another V-band around there so I could drop that section to work on the transmission and the drive shaft. The exhaust is bolted to the transmission at the middle, then at the end it is bolted to the diff mount, do I need to get a flex coupler?


The fumes are a lot lessened with the exhaust out the passenger side, but would it be worthwhile to move the exhaust back towards the rear but maybe exit through the rear quarter? I'm not a big fan of the moisture kind of building up in the rear wheel well at the moment, the passenger side is far rustier than the driver side with the exhaust being blown back.

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Thanks, I was pretty sure that was the order, but some people said they were mounting it at the end of their exhaust in lieu of a muffler which seemed odd. I ordered some standard rubber hangers for the tail end, and I figure the drivetrain is together so hopefully no problem there since the exhaust is bolted to that.

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Primary cats are typically within 12" of the turbo, but secondary cats are usually much farther, perhaps 24-36" post turbo so putting it by the transmission should be ok.  You can add the resonator either before or after the CAT so whichever position is most easy to integrate.  On the GTR most people run the CATs on the midpipe and ditch the primary CATs, which is very similar to what you are proposing.  On my GTR I used an XFORCE 100 cell CAT (XForce CAT12-350(100)) with my 3.5" piping, but they make an equivalent diameter CAT for 3" inlet/outlet.  CAT only cost me ~5hp at ~825hp


If you look at my CAT placement below it is considerably further back vs what you proposed and it seems to make a very noticeable difference in terms of sound and soot.  I had to place it so far back so I could integrate a 4" dump valve.  So now I can cruise around with the CAT and when I want all out power I can open the dump.





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