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240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area - *** Updated 3/7/19

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I have the following for sale - these parts lived in a dry climate and have been in storage for many years:


Two 240z hoods.  Both are OEM and in very good condition with no rust.  If you would like more pictures, I can get them for you.  ***Edit many more pics of hoods below.  These are both available (11/7/2018)


hood 1 $300 *** Edit - SOLD and pics removed


hood 2: $300

OEM 240z hood


Two 240z tailgate/hatches.  Not aware if there are any aftermarket versions of these - these are OEM.  Both of these have the original Nissan glass as well. 


Tailgate/Hatch #1 (slight damage to rear edge) $150.  *** Edit - Hatch #1 is SOLD (11/7/2018)


This first one has horizontal defrost lines.  I do not know if the defrost grid is functional. The lines look to be in good condition.  The glass is in excellent condition.  No significant rust anywhere.  One piece of stainless trim has a mark:


Tailgate/hatch 2 $250:  *** Edit: This one is no longer for sale for now - I may need it for my car (11/7/2018):


This one is complete with original Nissan glass, stainless trim, and a white inner trim panel.  This hatch came to me via the Denver area, and has no rust.  I can get more pics.  




240z fender - passenger side $250 - OEM part  ***Edit - still available - see sand blasted pic in other post below! 


Straight, very little rust (only in the bottom corner):  This part came to me from the Denver CO area - no accident damage.  Does not come with the headlight housing which is currently attached to it in the pictures.  That is also for sale however.





Headlight housings - metal (left and right) *** Edit - still available - reduced to $80 each


All mounting studs straight and intact with nice threads. $100 each:




Again, happy to provide additional pictures.


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Added more pics and description

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Based on looking online, the Nissan hatches are the same from around mid 1971 to 1978. 



The thing about hatch number 2 is that the defrost grids are vertical.  From more researching online, I believe hatch #2 is from a car made between 1/1971 and 1/1972. 




Why don't I take some more pictures of it and get back to you.  You can compare to yours and see.


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Updating with some pics of the hoods - this is hood #1 from desert climate - not even surface rust inside the front structure.  The mounting holes have been slotted by someone which I didn't notice until taking pics.  I have come across that before on another hood - it's an easy fix (mig weld and file) - $300 *** edit SOLD, and pics removed


Hood number #2 - very straight, some light surface rust inside of frame.  Acquired in Virginia in the early 90's from a 1972 240z and stored inside since then.  *** $300 and still available 





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46 minutes ago, Junior1 said:

How much for the headlight buckets?


$100 each.  I'll do free shipping for you going to MO.  They are rust free, mounting studs and threads nice, no damage.  Nice OEM parts.  Can take more pics for you if you would like.



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I have a pending sale on one hood.  The other is still available.


One hatch sold.  Other hatch no longer for sale (for now - I may need it).

Headlight housings are still available - price drop $80 each.

Fender still available - $250.   I will sandblast the bottom where the rust is soon and post pics, then protect with some primer.  

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Bump - and status update:

  • Hood #2 is still available $300 
  • Headlight housings (metal left and right) are still available - reduced to $80 each  
  • Fender still available $250 - see update pictures with sandblasted lower corner.
  • Sold one hatch and I am holding onto the other one for now (I may need it after all).  

I have had pretty good luck shipping large items via Greyhound - much cheaper than FedEx or UPS.




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