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Hello All !My name is Patrick and an owner of a newly acquired 1972 240z in paint code 112 with a CSB V8 swap :) I bought the car for a steal from a friend of mine, and am planning on a few trivial mods before I start to enjoy driving it. I just need to get the dashboard and some interior body panels installed as my friend was planning on repainting the car. I am so glad that he didnt because I love the Lime Green/Lemon Green color. Here are a few pics of the car itself:




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19 hours ago, grannyknot said:

Hey Techie, welcome to the forum. Looks like a very nice Z you picked up and the paint is in great shape, maybe just a cut and polish to bring out the depth.

Did the PO cut the firewall at all? It just looks like the engine is sitting really far back.



The firewall wasn't touched at all, but it does look pushed back quite a bit in the photos now that I look at it :) Carpet should be in today, and then I will start putting stuff together and get it started this week. I LOVE zcardepot thus far !

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Welcome indeed!


When this site first started (in a few weeks it will have been 19 years!), there was much debate about "optimal" engine longitudinal placement.  The main strategy for higher setback ran into conflict between the Chevy distributor and the stock Datsun hood latch.   So, the latch would get relocated.  In Techie's photos, the stock hood latch appears to be intact.  It would help to take a closer photo, standing at the side of the car.  Also take a photo of the engine-mounts.  Are they long and cantilevered off of the steering crossmember?


More engine setback is generally a good thing, but cutting the firewall is an adventurous exercise that often leads to having to gut the interior, rendering the car, ahem, "specialized".


Most crucial after picking up a vehicle with an engine swap, is sorting out maintenance issues.  How is the compression?  Are the valves in adjustment?  Is the ignition timing correct?  It's remarkable how large can be the performance-difference between an engine that's in good tune, and one that's lacking.  By this I mean simple things, like spark plugs or carburetor settings.  An engine with well-flowing aftermarket heads, big cam, port-matching everywhere, free exhaust, high compression and so forth... maybe more sluggish that the most prosaic economy-engine from a taxicab, if the latter is well-tuned, and the former is not.

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