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Looking for 280zx racing/track suspension. Need help!

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Hello, im new here and was looking for racing/track suspension and chassis almost everywhere and didnt find it. So i have got a few questions.


1. Does 280z suspension and chassis fit into 280zx?

2. From what company can i buy suspension and chassis ? (In Europe if possible if not its ok)

3.Does 300zx brakes fit in 280zx? 


Datsun 280zx 2+2 1979 2.8l 5speed manual.


Hope You guys will help me! 

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Suggest that you  search the FAQ and Suspension forums. All of the data you seek is there.


Useful information:


  • Download a Factory Service Manual (FSM).  http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/48825-factory-manuals-some/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1208329
  • Download electrical schematics for your car.  PDFs are easier to read than those found in books. Some are in color.
  • Focus on searching Hybridz as 99% of questions have already been addressed.
  • Start bookmarking Z car parts suppliers - there are many!
  • Join ClassicZCars.com website and search there as well.
  • Become well informed about modifications before asking questions. People will be more inclined to answer informed questions.
  • Search the forums.


 Useful Links:


https://www.datsun-240z-upgrades.net/                Recommend the headlight relay harness







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How cool, the US reaching out to Poland. As for the questions, either transplant a S chassis suspension into the 280ZX or else race spec what you have or look at using a Z31 rear end. As for the transplant the problem is with the rear S cradle, getting it high enough for a PROPER RACE CAR is a big job involving severe fabrication. 

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