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260z carbed l28


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I just bought a 260z with seized engine having a hard time finding a l26 but there are tons of l28 engines out there. I want to keep it carbed so could i just drop the l28 in and convert it to carbuerated easily. What problems would i run into. Would i have to convert the l28 heads to carbuerated could i use the l26 heads for that? New to carbuerated and new to z.

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you should target an early L28, N42 block/N42 head this would mean you can utilize your stock square port exhaust manifold and you can still use a mechanical pump in it's stock location. 

Also assuming you don't use it, the EFI intake manifold that doesn't have an EGR can be sold for a bit of money ($150-$300 latest i seen)


if you wanted to go a bit further, you could swap the pistons for some 280zx flat tops and raise your compression and make a bit more power. 

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