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'77 280z Restomod/Drift Missile Build

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I'm pretty sure I've already made a couple of posts, but I haven't started a build thread yet.  Guess now's the time to do that.


So, brief introduction.  I bought this '77 280z on September 17th for $3k (probably paid too much, considering it wasn't driveable at the time), and I had big plans for it from the moment I saw it.  I've already come to terms with the fact that I'm gonna be throwing a lot of money at this car, which I can live with considering I intend to keep it for a long time.  I've already had to fix several things, including wheels and tires, the clutch, hatch, EGR valve, starter, and now I'm gonna have to replace the fuel pump and intake/exhaust gasket.  I'm mostly making this thread to motivate myself to keep working on it, and to have a single place to reference for what I plan to do with it, and of course to bring anyone who is interested along for the ride.  Also, if anyone here knows someone in the Sh(it)port, LA area who is good with S30s, any good body shops, and/or anyone with a dyno, please let me know.


The main goal I have in mind for now is to get it to where it will run reliably in (mostly) stock form to the point that it can be a reliable DD, then I'm going to move on to upgrading whatever I can to make it drift ready and get it to at least 300whp.  This is also my first project car, so I'm gonna try to do as much of the work myself as I can, but I may end up outsourcing some of the work to shops and stuff.


Now, to list out what all I have in mind, roughly in the order of when I intend to get to it (I'll be adding things as they come to mind; I'm sure I'm missing a thing or two):


-fuel pump


-bushing replacements

-replace all weather seals

-suspension upgrades (coilovers/sway bars)

-engine inspection (rebuild with upgraded components if necessary.  Likely will replace motor mounts as well, unless they're really solid.)

-flush and change all fluids

-body work/rust removal/rustproofing/patching/reinforcing/painting/trim (all the metal work will likely be outsourced to a shop.  Possibly painting as well.)

-Interior repairs, reupholstery, and some custom work (gated shifter is a must)

-brake upgrades, including rear disc conversion

-driveline upgrades (trans rebuild or FS5W71C swap, competition clutch, driveshaft, CV axle and hub conversion)

-upgraded control arms/crossmembers/other support structure stuff (might happen earlier in the build)

-engine upgrades (rebuild w/forged internals, bore cylinders, cam/valve upgrades)

-EFI/ignition upgrades (computer/full sensor swap, full fuel system replacement, DIS/COP ignition, cleaning out unnecessary crap)

-miscellaneous stuff (LED/HID lights and other electronic work, bolt-on body stuff, possible forced induction)


And now for a couple pictures.  First one was the day I got it home.  The clutch was completely shot, so I had to be towed.  Second picture was right after putting on the new hatch because the old one was rusted to all hell.




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