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I know this has been discussed in length and is all preference....BUT I have a 71 z and would like to put on new wheels.  At this stage after all the review, etc....Im still not sure what the best options are.   For the wheels...it will be Rota RBR or panasport (if i can find any).  Theres lots of discussion between 15 and 16in......but it sounds like there are more options with 16.   I dont mind 15s but i would like the wheels to fill in nicely.   I have coilovers so it will be lowered.   This car will be a spirited weekend driver.   I dont want any issues with rubbing but yet get maximum "fill" in the wheel well.  I do not want to user spacers so offset will be important also. 

I really need advise on :

1) which diameter is better (15 or 16)

2) Is 8in to wide? stick to 7?

3) offset ?  =0? or negative?

4)tire size....Max fill  without rubbing



I ve heard these "may" work?  I would like to have lips if possible.  Would a negative ET work as well?

16x7 0ET 205/50/16

16x8 0ET 215/50/16





I know this is an over discussed topic, but if anyone had these wheels and tire sizes and can offer me the best package without rubbing and spacers...I would greatly appreciate it.


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This is your late Christmas present. There are so many threads on rims this one should go to the tool shed.



All the rims you listed will work, but won't give you max tire size. I have a 71 with BC coilovers. I went with 17X8 and 225/45/17 tires. The rims were Rota RKR with a 4 offset. If they made the rims with more offset (+10) I could have fit a 8.5 on the rear with no rubbing. You do not want negative at all for stock fenders. That is for guys with flares. You need positive offset to push the rim towards the coilovers to get a wider tire in there.   If lip is more important stick with zero offset or find a rim with a convex design to maximize the look.







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Depends what you want.


I like 16s and can confirm that with narrow coilover conversion RBR 16x8 +10 fit with stock arches and 225 tyres, anything that brings the wheel further to the outside of the car than this could potentially lead to the need to run 215s although you may get way with a 0 offset. 


Usually more choice in 15" by the way but I prefer 16" and need it to clear my brakes.




Good tip, don't use the forum search, use google using hybridz.org at the start, always gets better results. I searched when I was a newbie and it took a lot of time, but the answers are there. Just make sure to check more than 1 source, ideally more than two. 

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