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Sun Visor Bracket New

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Posting from another forum by the user sfm6s524.

I am the seller. You guys can ask questions here or contact me by etsy as i check that more.

Original etsy listing here:



On a 71 240 Z I have, the piece that holds the sun visors in place that mounts beneath the rear view mirror, broke on the drivers side.   It was pretty annoying having the visor flop around, and I finally took the visor off until I could locate a replacement part.  


Searched all over the place for another, no luck.  Finally saw one on Etsy from a person who has a 3D printer named PlasticWiz, figured I'd give it a try.


Removed my old one, which basically disintegrated while trying to pop it loose from the vinyl covered roof frame.  Sanded the new ABS piece a bit and painted black.  I suppose the "print lines" could be removed completely with a lot of work, but for this car I just wanted a functional piece.


Here it is mounted ready to pop in the rear view mirror.


I've never used a 3D printed part on any of my cars, but I must say this really did the trick for a difficult part to find.


Anyway, just thought I'd post this since I couldn't find any recent help on this part.  I may order another for my other Z just in case...

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