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Alright gang.  Stupid question amnesty time, but I want to be sure before I eat a cam up.

I have a "C" stamped cam on a N42 head.  It looks like the cam has the holes for the internal oiling.  I just want to verify that I do not need to run a spray bar.  From the info I can find around here, it's difficult to tell how the N42s and 260 cams were lubricated.


Thanks guys.

Head n42.jpg

Cam Close.jpg

Can far Pass.jpg

head driver.jpg

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1 hour ago, rossman said:

Yah, your cam is oiled via the cam lobe holes. A spray bar wouldn't work on your setup anyway since don't have holes in your cam towers to feed the spray bar.


That was my suspicion as well, but just wanted someone else to blame when it all goes wrong....er I mean I just wanted a second opinion.


Thanks much.

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