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2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Datsun 240Z Engine Swap

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     Hello, I was just inquiring if a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Engine could be swapped into a Datsun 240z such as a 53 Series 3-53, 4-53, or 4V53 turned up ? I realize that the 2-Stroke Detroits are HEAVY. Although  they do have huge amounts of torque so if geared correctly could be VERY VERY fast/quick. Just look at the diesel drag pickups. In my opinion are some of the best sounding engines ever made. I was kinda thinking of doing what motortrends roadkill did with a Plymouth Roadrunner Cummins Engine swap (which weigh about what a 3-53, 4-53, or 4V53 Detroit does maybe a bit more) with a 4x4 conversion. Only with a Datsun 240z (or comparable Datsun) and a 2-Stroke Detroit. I think it would make a unique and awesome rally or pro-4 vehicle. Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts, opinions, or answers.



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