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Hello from North Carolina

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Great to have found HybridZ Forums. Have been reading lots of useful zinformation for 2-3 hours and decided to register.


This red ‘77 280Z is my 4th Z recently purchased in November 2018. In my late 20s to early 30s I owned a ‘73 240Z, ‘75 280Z and ‘74 260Z in that order. Of course they were fairly new back in the day. That’s me in 1979 with my silver ‘75 280Z. Wish I could have kept it. LOL Yes, I absolutely love these beautiful S30 Datsuns.


Look forward to the forums here being a great resource for maintaining our 40+ year old cars. It’s a passion and love affair!







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3 hours ago, jhm said:

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your recent acquisition...looks like a very nice clean original!


If you plan on doing any auto-x or HPDE, the Tarheels club is a great group of folks and is very active in your area:  https://www.thscc.com/.

Thank you for the welcome and suggestion. While my car isn’t an auto-x candidate, that club sounds like fun for mingling with fellow Z car enthusiasts.

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