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1977 280z 2+2 Part Out

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HybridZ members,


Post updated to reflect 1977 280z.


I have a 1977 280z 2+2 I am conducting a full part out on. Car sat in a field since 1991. I will be selling everything off of the car with the exception of the manual transmission parts (4 speed, pedals, clutch lines, etc.) and possibly the motor, depending on offer. I have the automatic transmission and associated parts from a 75 280z that I will include as part of this listing.


Due to current weather no parts but those easily accessible can be pulled at this time, though I will be able to pull items requested come warmer days.


I am located in Spokane, WA. 


To to be honest I don’t know what any of these items are worth and none of it is worth its weight in gold. This isn’t the holy grail of Datsuns here, just looking to find my project and help some people out in the process if I can.


Let me know what you are looking for or what additional information you would like and I will be happy to oblige. Will take photos of items on request.


As parts are sold I will update this posting.


Looking to offload some of this stuff and want it to go to a good home/wife wants the car out of the driveway.


Looking to sell this stuff to make room so I can actually work on my car. If you want something just ask and throw me a price. I might surprise you.




steering wheel

combo switch, turn signal

door cards

rear door handles

stub axles and companion flanges

fuel tank and sender

fuel tank filler tube

front diff mount

differential dog legs

mustache bar

windshield trim end pieces

center console

hazard switch

hatch release button.

A few miscellaneous relays.


Selling everything at best offer plus shipping. Want this all to go to a good home.


Let me know what you would like!

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Bump bump bump. I’m off this week and will be stripping this car down. Finally took a good look at this and it is a 2/77 car. Everything I got from the PO said 76 but the engine and head say differently.


Either way I want to help some people out here. If you want something minus the transmission, pedal assembly and lines it is yours for shipping plus whatever you think is fair/will offer. I want this stuff gone so I can clear out the driveway. Seriously. If it isn’t in great shape and you want it anyway it will be yours for shipping.


Ill take photos on request. I want to get the manual swap done this week so I’ll check my phone when I can. Will send photos of anything you need.

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