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70-78 Datsun Z car NOS Right Front Fender


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In 1985 I bought a new 70-78 right front fender from the Datsun/Nissan dealer in Dallas. I ended up not using it and has been stored in my shop for the last 35 years. This is the earlier gray fender, not the later black one. I am aware it is quite rare. Actually, I forgot about it until about a year ago. Used and cheap repops are going for around $200. Better quality repops and rebuilt original fenders are priced all the way up to and over $600 if you can find one. These have not been available for a number of years. Any qualified help on price would be deeply appreciated. I want to find this guy a new home. Look closely, no dents just some mild box/shelf wearIMG_1337.thumb.JPG.8275c2bd892f8c9afefb445f409df54b.JPGIMG_1340.thumb.JPG.332525738347bdb224480811e9092a1a.JPGIMG_1336.thumb.JPG.ba13fb46a161af750ec67ab91dacfee8.JPGIMG_1338.thumb.JPG.b0664e5e7c071cbd59790da57e7b5bdd.JPGIMG_1333.thumb.JPG.e9f3b6b7aee78206c1900a880d715e20.JPGIMG_1334.thumb.JPG.e30fc565ae8bc74c1363da481ac82974.JPGIMG_1339.thumb.JPG.4ea8cfdf7dd92cc39e742df048b8fe34.JPG.



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I think your best bet is to put them up for sale for the high end of what you think is reasonable and put make me an offer. ive seen it in the past that someone puts up a question like yours and others look at it as your really looking to sell it without having to donate to the forum. basically, as if your hoping someone might come on and make an offer for it and then you get to sell it without making the donation.....

I am not the person to care and im not saying thats what your doing but i am saying that might be why no one is chiming in with suggestions.

Even i question what this category is for in this forum, but im thinking more for someone looking to buy something, wants to know what is a fair price to pay. 

Im not in the s30 world so i am not able to help you.


good luck 

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